AVTECH Impressive Features !

Intelligent Face Detection & Tracking

Avtech CCTV Features

Face Detection -- Automatically detects and determines whether any human face appears in the surveillance area via the advanced video analysis technology, and proceed further monitoring actions when a human face is acctually detected

Face Tracking Record -- Zooms in on the detected human face in the surveillance area and stars tracking precisely and smoothly to record the intruder's face characteristics

Kamera CCTV terbaru Avtech

Mechanical IR FILTER

IR Filter

IR Filter is automaticlly shifted away to receive infraed lighting passing through the lens for clear and better images. Besides, the sensor sensitivity and brightness are raised up compared with traditional IR cameras because of the usage of the large aperture lens.

Flow Counting

Flow Counting

A virtual detection line is set to detect the moving direction of pedestrians for flow counting.

Long IR Effective Distance

Smart IR light

This camera series provides long IR distance coverage and is able to effectively identify image clearance