HDMI Matrix HDM02


Spesifikasi HDMI Matrix HDM02, 4 DVR dalam 1 layar


Input HDMI port: 4 USB port: 1 (Mouse in)
Output HDMI port: 1 USB port: 4 (Mouse signal out)
HDMI YUV Input: 4:2:2 16bit Output: 4:2:2 16bit
BNC SDI (With Mouse Control)
Resolution HDMI - Video: 1080P/60fps(only) - Audio: 48Khz SDI: 1080P/60fps
Maximum length HDMI cable: 3M SDI Cable: 70M/RG6 USB cable: 3M
LED Indications YES
Power Supply (±10%) 12V
Version of HDMI specification HDMI 1.4
HDMI Plug-and-Play Support YES
Operating Temperature 0°C ~40°C (50°F~104°F)
OSD sequence configuration YES
Monitor Display Quad / Full Screen
HDMI video output resolution error display YES

HDMI Matrix HDM02 Avtech


  • Combined display of up to 4 HDMI sources
    You can plug up to four HDMI sources (e.g., NVR or DVR) and USB controls into the Matrix for single output display and control
  • Variable display modes
    Quad / full / sequence mode can be switched by mouse to display
  • Diagnostic LED lights
    With LED indications, user can easily perceive the unusual connection for troubleshooting immediately.


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